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Why pay for sex movies anymore?

September 27, 2008 at 8:47 amCategory:Good Things | Movies | Thoughts | Videos | You People

There are probably tens of thousands of different sex movies available to buy online from thousands of different adult stores but with sex tube sites giving it away for free now why would you, me or any one ever pay for sex movies again? I wonder what the adult film industry has planned to deal with adult tube sites giving it away for free?

Anyone that wants to add there opinion about these two questions feel free to I am kind of curious what every adult has to say about these two issues! I think that if any tube sites is giving away copy righted material it should be sued for infringemnt and that is what the adult film industry is probably going to do!

Sex toys that last?

September 3, 2008 at 9:12 pmCategory:Good Things | My Life

Does anyone have a sex toy that has lasted more than 10 years? I am interested in finding out which is the best sex toy for lasts time and time again. I have owned a rabbit vibe for over 4 years now but it is barely getting by and is in need of repairs but I have not yet found a shop that repairs sex toys but who knows there may be such a store one day.

Because some toys can cost several hundred dollars to own and people may not just be as quickly to throw them away as they would say a twenty dollar sex toy. But I am looking to find out what toys last the longest and you can help out by letting me know which one has lasted the longest for you.