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Old Men in Hats

April 13, 2012 at 9:52 pmCategory:Bad Stuff | Fashion | My Life

What is it about guys who start getting old and slip into the awful dressing habits of the geezers? I mean, old men wearing black socks with sandals. Ewww! Old men wearing Speedos with hteir big bellies and hairy chests. Ewww! And old men wearing the wierdest hats, like berets and fedoras. Ewww!

Out on the town

February 18, 2012 at 3:26 pmCategory:Music | My Life

I am taking a break and going out with the girls tonight. We are going to the same place we went last time we went out. We are going to this night club called Cafe Iguana. The last time we went there we had a fucking blast. Ladies night is tonight, the drinks are free and the music will be thumping. I really love ladies night. The only problem are the men who troll whenever it is ladies night. We don’t really need guys to dance with, but they are always so fucking aggressive that it gets annoying. They don’t like to take no for an answer and then get all pissy and call us names.

Then they wonder why we wont have anything to do with them. Talk about assholes. Oh well, we shall fend them off as we always do and have a great time anyway. Sheila is even going with us and that is unusual, since she is married with kids now and doesn’t really go out anymore. Not that I blame her, she is a good wife and mother. I am happy she is going tonight though. Her husband is so understanding and would not have a problem with her going more often but she prefers to stay at home most of the time.