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With everything failing whats your take?

September 17, 2008 at 4:33 amCategory:Business | You People

What does it mean to the economy now that so many companies have filed for Bankruptcy or have been given money by the Government or just flat taken over by the Government in order to starve off a total financial collapse? Well to tell you the truth I have no idea but wanted to put that question out there to everyone and see what they thought!

From what I can gather though from reports on the news i think this one guy said it best when he said every ones dollar just got a little less valuable and everyone got a little bit more poorer as a result of it!

What are you looking forward to seeing?

August 27, 2008 at 10:33 amCategory:Movies | You People

When it comes to movies what are you waiting to see this year? I have high hopes for the Terminator movie but wonder if it will be like the Batman movie and the Predator movie which had Government under tones to it. Batman for instance has stuff about the Government tapping the phones of all its citizens and that ok because they are catching the joker. The predator movie was a National Guard film and also had under tones about what the Government can do during a break out.

I am hoping the Terminator film is not like those two but more than likely it is going to be because I believe our Government went and took the top 10 films of the 90s and turned them into sequels to spread there messages. But anyways I want to know what you interested in seeing this year so hit me up!