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So happy

March 26, 2012 at 2:44 pmCategory:Movies | My Life

I am so fucking happy. I got to go see the Hunger Games last night at the theater and it was fucking awesome. It’s a crazy post apocalyptic world setting with some really freaky people running it. The kids that are chosen to participate range in all ages. It is so unbelievably barbaric. I am going to have to read the books because the books are always better. My sister in law said they were good but nothing to really go spend a lot of money on. So I will just read hers.

She can transfer them to my Nook and I can read them on there. I love my Nook. I can take it anywhere and have tons of books on it. I may have to get one that plays movies as well.  I recently heard that they made one like that. I am not sure. I will have to research it and find out. I hope they are not too expensive, but they probably are. I can wait till they come down in price or buy a used one if I want. There is a great store nearby that has used phones and high tech gadgets for half the price you pay for them new.

I am learning how to type faster

August 26, 2008 at 10:05 amCategory:My Life

In case you have not noticed I am starting to write on here like it is going out of style I have recently taken some computer typing classes so I am learning how to type faster and with less errors and so far I can tell you that it is working and my speed of words per minute has improved dramatically and this is just the second day of a two week learning class.

I am thinking of maybe writing some books or even some scripts for films one day but for now I am just learning how to type really fast on this sucker. So now that I am confidant that I am able to type a post like this in under two minutes I am sure passing the test next week will be a breeze.