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Chef Ramsey and the F Word

December 3, 2011 at 11:31 pmCategory:Bad Stuff | TV and Movies

Have you ever watched any of the Chef Ramsey cooking shows? That man used “fuck” and a ton of nastiness when he talks to people. Its more than just being vulgar – he is flat out abusive. He might be a good business man and a great chef, but I can’t stand that guy. There is no way anyone in real life would get away with talking to me like he talks to the kitchen staff and restaurant owners.I don’t put up with that.

Ouch I think my tooth is dead

August 26, 2008 at 9:49 amCategory:My Life | You People

Turns out that after a couple of weeks of pain that I have a dead tooth and instead of getting it taken care of that day because I had business to attend to I waited and now I am regretting doing so because my Dentist is out of town because of an emergency so I am thinking I may just call another since the pain is so extreme that all I have are terrible headaches and serious gum pain.

If anyone has ever had a root canal or just a tooth pulled because it hurt so much then you know what I am going threw at the moment so what did you do to help aleviate the pain while you waited to get that work done?