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So happy

March 26, 2012 at 2:44 pmCategory:Movies | My Life

I am so fucking happy. I got to go see the Hunger Games last night at the theater and it was fucking awesome. It’s a crazy post apocalyptic world setting with some really freaky people running it. The kids that are chosen to participate range in all ages. It is so unbelievably barbaric. I am going to have to read the books because the books are always better. My sister in law said they were good but nothing to really go spend a lot of money on. So I will just read hers.

She can transfer them to my Nook and I can read them on there. I love my Nook. I can take it anywhere and have tons of books on it. I may have to get one that plays movies as well.  I recently heard that they made one like that. I am not sure. I will have to research it and find out. I hope they are not too expensive, but they probably are. I can wait till they come down in price or buy a used one if I want. There is a great store nearby that has used phones and high tech gadgets for half the price you pay for them new.


February 24, 2012 at 3:48 pmCategory:Fashion | Movies

I can’t wait for the fucking Oscars this weekend. I love to watch the pre-show as all the celebrities walk down the red carpet and talk to those who are interviewing. There are so many funny moments and the cloths are of course, the shit. I think my favorite designer is Vera Wang. No matter who is wearing one of her creations it always looks good.  The men are always cutting up with the reporters and flirting with the ladies as well.

I haven’t been to many movies in the theater this past year so I am unsure of what movies and people are even nominated, but it always gives me a good clue of what to see later. The show and the entertainment are always good and the host always funny. Usually it is Billy Crystal lately who is host, and he is a riot. I will have to look up the Oscars later today to get a picture of what will happen and who is hosting. As for the nominees, I know they are the best of the best and will never disappoint. I am so excited to see the show I can barely sit still. I want it to be now.

Careful With those Bargain Playstations

September 1, 2011 at 9:14 pmCategory:Movies | My Life | Technology | Videos

A guy I know loves everything technology and digital. His house is a wall to wall electronics hoarders paradise. He has old TVs, old computers, old DJ equipment, a wall of speakers and all kinds of goodies all over his house. That Hoarders show try to come in there and throw out anything and there would be war. Just saying.

So I asked him about this bargain price I saw on the internet. A Playstation 3 for just $120. The last one I bought was $300, so I wondered what was the scam? come to find out, some people are buying the Playstations, breaking them open, taking out the Blu-Ray stuff and then reselling the Playstations at bargain prices. What a scam! I KNEW there was something wrong going on. Be careful, friends.

How are my music picks?

December 16, 2010 at 5:48 amCategory:Movies | Music | The Web

As you can see i went on a music video add spree here of some of my favorite songs of all time and I wonder what you think. I think they are awesome for two reasons One they are my favorite music videos. Two i can log online anytime to my blog and listen to them over and over again without sucking down to much of my blogs bandwidth because they are embedded from yahoo music videos, pretty cool huh?

Now if I could just do the same with my favorite movie collections here on my blog i would be in geek heaven I am sure. Anyways more music videos and television shows and movies are coming but for a couple of posts I wanted to interact with my readers and viewers a little bit more.

Why pay for sex movies anymore?

September 27, 2008 at 8:47 amCategory:Good Things | Movies | Thoughts | Videos | You People

There are probably tens of thousands of different sex movies available to buy online from thousands of different adult stores but with sex tube sites giving it away for free now why would you, me or any one ever pay for sex movies again? I wonder what the adult film industry has planned to deal with adult tube sites giving it away for free?

Anyone that wants to add there opinion about these two questions feel free to I am kind of curious what every adult has to say about these two issues! I think that if any tube sites is giving away copy righted material it should be sued for infringemnt and that is what the adult film industry is probably going to do!