Onion Rings on the Side – or Not?

July 2, 2015 at 10:02 pmCategory:Food | My Life

I love onion rings and I love french fries, too. Not that I eat out that often, but when I hit the drive through, I am expecting something on the side, and I’m not talking about a salad.

All this time I’ve been thinking that I’m in good shape and don’t have to worry about what I eat. But my doc says that I have to stop eating french fries and get my numbers down. what a shocker that was to hear this morning!

OK – so now the fast food meals no longer apply. No one really offers a money saving meal without the french fries included. I mean, that is standard quick ordering – a burger, fries and a coke. Right?

Well, I didn’t ask the doc, but I wonder if onion rings on the side will be OK? Or do I have to give up the onion rings, too? Damn, I wish I had thought to ask while I was there. I’ll feel stupid calling his office to ask just that. He probably won’t even bother calling me back with the answer.

So, instead of french fries or onion rings, this next month I’ll be having salad or maybe some fruit instead. I guess I should be eating more fresh produce anyway, and since it is summer and there are all kinds of fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market, I should stock up and make a point of eating better. I have to get those numbers down!