Old Men in Hats

April 13, 2012 at 9:52 pmCategory:Bad Stuff | Fashion | My Life

What is it about guys who start getting old and slip into the awful dressing habits of the geezers? I mean, old men wearing black socks with sandals. Ewww! Old men wearing Speedos with hteir big bellies and hairy chests. Ewww! And old men wearing the wierdest hats, like berets and fedoras. Ewww!

No Jokes at Work

April 1, 2012 at 5:09 pmCategory:Business | Food | My Life

Did you ever play a practical joke on someone at work? I never did it myself, but I have seen some crazy pranks being pulled by other people. I just have to be careful about what I do at work – I don’t want to ever give those assholes a reason to fire my ass. So I don’t do the horseplay and gossip train.

My little sister told me that she got ambushed today at work. She works at a little gas station and convenience store out in the sticks. They hit a slow period and were bored, so she and a couple of other girls who work there each got a can of whipped cream from the cold case and started spraying the Redi-Whip into each other’s mouths. But then someone missed and got the stuff in the other girls hair and the whipped cream war was ON!

I bet that was fun but I sure hope they don’t fire her dumb ass for horseplay at work. You know they’ve got video tape of everything that goes on in those stores? I bet her boss has a total shit fit when he sees what they were doing. She needs that job, but then again, a girl has got to have a little harmless fun once in a while, too.