Your Hot Tube rocks!

September 28, 2008 at 10:32 pmCategory:Good Things | Videos

This new online tube service called Your Hot Tube gives away free adult movies and I mean for free. This is going to revolutionize the internet and how people view porn online because before this service you had to pay big bucks in order to watch porn online now you and me can get it for free thanks to You Hot Tube!

I wonder how many people this service has gotten off over time and what ind of great karma that has to bring them for helping so many achieve orgasm!

Why pay for sex movies anymore?

September 27, 2008 at 8:47 amCategory:Good Things | Movies | Thoughts | Videos | You People

There are probably tens of thousands of different sex movies available to buy online from thousands of different adult stores but with sex tube sites giving it away for free now why would you, me or any one ever pay for sex movies again? I wonder what the adult film industry has planned to deal with adult tube sites giving it away for free?

Anyone that wants to add there opinion about these two questions feel free to I am kind of curious what every adult has to say about these two issues! I think that if any tube sites is giving away copy righted material it should be sued for infringemnt and that is what the adult film industry is probably going to do!

If you could know anything!

September 19, 2008 at 11:26 pmCategory:My Life | Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder what is it all really about? Do you ever wonder why we are all here? I mean what is the purpose of life and everything around us? I probably will never figure out the meaning to this but it sure is fun to ponder the questions in my mind every once in a while for a few hours.

I also like to have a Bill Gates moment every once in awhile where I think that if I could buy anything in the World what would it be and why? Anyways getting back on topic if you could know anything what would it be and why?

With everything failing whats your take?

September 17, 2008 at 4:33 amCategory:Business | You People

What does it mean to the economy now that so many companies have filed for Bankruptcy or have been given money by the Government or just flat taken over by the Government in order to starve off a total financial collapse? Well to tell you the truth I have no idea but wanted to put that question out there to everyone and see what they thought!

From what I can gather though from reports on the news i think this one guy said it best when he said every ones dollar just got a little less valuable and everyone got a little bit more poorer as a result of it!

SEO friendly blog advertising!

September 15, 2008 at 1:02 amCategory:Business | Good Things | The Web

When it comes to search engines you either play by there rules or you get removed from there indexes which is why SEO friendly or search engine optimization friendly advertising in any form is important to do otherwise prepare to one day not see your website in the search engines. So what makes one site from another one SEO friendly?  The answer to that question is quite simple really. And that is whether or not they use the now famous rel nofollow tag in the source code before the URL when ever someone is paid for adding that URL to any webpage.

So for instance if you comment on my blog here and leave your URL in the proper place then view the source code of my blogs webpage and hit control f then add in the phrase “no follow” in the box that appears you will see it is in front you the URL that you left because that is telling the search engines not to flow the power or rank to that page to the URL when its bots or spiders come to this page. So go give it a try and see what I mean and if you get it than you now understand SEO friendly and non SEO friendly optimization.

So with that said places that do blog advertising that is SEO friendly are popping up everywhere because they have the no follow feature added to them but places like Pay Per Post do not so odds are the blogs are going to be penalized for advertising your product or service and your website may also get penailized for buying the service. But go to an SEO friendly service like Blogtising and you do not have to worry about that ever happening! But now that I should you mine show me your SEO friendly ways of making money on the web!