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A Good Start on My Holiday Shopping

December 5, 2017 Comments Off on A Good Start on My Holiday Shopping

Well, I finally got around to starting my Christmas shopping this past weekend at the local mall.  It was crowded, so I guess most people are trying to get it done before the stores get too mobbed.  I love the feeling of a shopping center at Christmas time.  I enjoy watching  families scurrying around with their little ones in tow.  I love seeing the Children’s faces and wonder if they are thinking about Santa’s upcoming visit.  Children make Christmas so much fun.

I enjoy the lights and decorations.  I love to see the charity at Christmas with the giving Angel Tree and the Salvation Army Bell ringer.  While I wish we would be charitable all year long, I am glad that at Christmas we reach out to help others.

I’m glad that the weather wasn’t bad for the shopping weekend. I remember one year that I could not go shopping until the very last possible Saturday and it was bitter cold with hard rain pouring all day. I got totally soaked to the bone carrying my purchases to my car in the parking lot and was miserable the entire day. That really took the fun out of shopping and I promised myself right then to never wait until the last minute ever again!

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