A Good Start on My Holiday Shopping

December 5, 2017 at 7:55 pmCategory:Good Things | My Life

Well, I finally got around to starting my Christmas shopping this past weekend at the local mall.  It was crowded, so I guess most people are trying to get it done before the stores get too mobbed.  I love the feeling of a shopping center at Christmas time.  I enjoy watching  families scurrying around with their little ones in tow.  I love seeing the Children’s faces and wonder if they are thinking about Santa’s upcoming visit.  Children make Christmas so much fun.

I enjoy the lights and decorations.  I love to see the charity at Christmas with the giving Angel Tree and the Salvation Army Bell ringer.  While I wish we would be charitable all year long, I am glad that at Christmas we reach out to help others.

I’m glad that the weather wasn’t bad for the shopping weekend. I remember one year that I could not go shopping until the very last possible Saturday and it was bitter cold with hard rain pouring all day. I got totally soaked to the bone carrying my purchases to my car in the parking lot and was miserable the entire day. That really took the fun out of shopping and I promised myself right then to never wait until the last minute ever again!

International Games

August 8, 2016 at 2:31 pmCategory:Good Things | My Life | The Web

I bet you thought this post was going to be about the World Olympics, didn’t you? LOL After all, the games will be on TV every day and every night for the next week. And I love watching them, too!

But, no, this is not about the Olympics. It is about a game of Spades that I just played on one of the Facebook apps. There are about a dozen different spades game apps on Facebook. All of them are free, too. My favorite one is called Spades Plus.

So today I need a short break and decided to play a couple of quick games. On the Facebook apps you play short, fast games. Some of them are only 1 or 2 hands. So I clicked on a 200 point game and ended up at a table with some fascinating people. Denis was playing from his hone in Germany. G3 was playing from India and my partner, Mercedes, was in Saudi Arabia. They were all nice, friendly people and very good players.

My partner and I won the first game and we all agreed to a rematch. The other team won the second game, so we decided to play one more and break the tie. Mercedes was brave and bid a risky nil and when we made that, we won the last game! Woot!

That was such a nice mental health break, and the exhilaration of winning made it so much easier to get back on task with a smile and a good attitude.

Onion Rings on the Side – or Not?

July 2, 2015 at 10:02 pmCategory:Food | My Life

I love onion rings and I love french fries, too. Not that I eat out that often, but when I hit the drive through, I am expecting something on the side, and I’m not talking about a salad.

All this time I’ve been thinking that I’m in good shape and don’t have to worry about what I eat. But my doc says that I have to stop eating french fries and get my numbers down. what a shocker that was to hear this morning!

OK – so now the fast food meals no longer apply. No one really offers a money saving meal without the french fries included. I mean, that is standard quick ordering – a burger, fries and a coke. Right?

Well, I didn’t ask the doc, but I wonder if onion rings on the side will be OK? Or do I have to give up the onion rings, too? Damn, I wish I had thought to ask while I was there. I’ll feel stupid calling his office to ask just that. He probably won’t even bother calling me back with the answer.

So, instead of french fries or onion rings, this next month I’ll be having salad or maybe some fruit instead. I guess I should be eating more fresh produce anyway, and since it is summer and there are all kinds of fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market, I should stock up and make a point of eating better. I have to get those numbers down!

Love My Nook

October 10, 2012 at 12:03 amCategory:Business | My Life | Technology

What a nice surprise waiting at my door today – a box from UPS that has a brand new Nook in it! I ordered it last week and didn’t know how long it would really take to get here. Since I didn’t pay extra for expedited shipping, I figured it would take a week to 10 days to arrive. But it got here on the fourth day after I ordered it at night online.

The Nook has to charge up the battery and then the battery life is really long – the booklet that came with it says the battery can last about 2 weeks without needing to be recharged! That is awesome and I hope that turns out to be true. The weird thing is that there is no way to turn off the Nook, so the battery life is not extended by turning off the device. That’s a little weird to me – especially if there is any kind of GPS device or app on the Nook that tracks where I am. That’s kinda creepy to think that you can’t turn it off and some with bad intentions might be tracking you. Ick.

Shopping for New Boots

October 4, 2012 at 11:55 pmCategory:Fashion | Home and Yard | My Life

My closet probably stores  more shoes and boots than it does actual clothes. But all my boots are fashion boots. I have all different kinds of materials and colors, a variety of heel heights, some have buckles, others have zippers. But when it come down to survival int he cold weather, I just realized that I don not have a single pair of good, waterproof snow boots.

This weekend I will take care of that problem. I want to have a pair of moon boots or something like insulated hiking boots, so that if we get a bad snow storm or a bad ice storm this year and I have a problem getting out of the house that I can still at least walk to the store to buy food and supplies.